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Site property for building for sale

The site for sale is located Hrsz 058/60 Fő utca, Raposka, next to the road connecting Tapolca and Szigliget, the first parcel of the village. Directly neighboring the residential area.

Building for business purposes with living quarters can be built on the 3001 m² site: basement, ground floor and attic on a 300 m² area by local building rules. For this, tap water, sewage and electricity are already in the site. As and entrance, a concrete bridge connects the site and the main road of Raposka. The site is fenced on three sides, on the side of the main road it is unfinished due to construction of the public utilities.
I recommend it especially to those who are attracted to the one place "live, work and vacation" lifestyle; the area of Tapolca, Mount Szent György (Saint George) and Balaton; and the beautiful environment and wine region. The village became popular lately, old houses are bought and renovated one by one, the local council parceled new sites which were sold soon. The "second lane" has its advantages: calm and peaceful environment, while Balaton and Tapolca are only 10 minutes away. Keszthely, Hévíz and the Balaton Airport are close as well. Primarily, tourism, food industry or services can utilize the favorable conditions of this site.

I'm looking for an investor

We created a new design as part of our activity, that is a complementary of windows, a roller shutter box. It is a patent protected, custom design. Window manufacturer companies can expand their range of products with this PVC-extruded box, they can offer their own shading system, that fits organically to their PVC windows. This design can be used with roller shutters, as well as textile shadings. We need capital raising to produce and market the TreP shading box.